Liam Vincent, Comedy Hypnotist had a successful 10-year career as a stand-up comedian in his native Britain, where he was featured in a BBC comedy special, before moving to New York and developing his hypno-show. He will blend PG-rated comedy, impersonations, and showmanship with his playful use of hypnosis subjects as entertainers.

“I’m about the only stage hypnotist around at the moment who has come to hypnotism from an entertainment background, and it wraps nicely into the atmosphere of the show. The audience comes along for the whole experience, not just the hypnosis.”

Not all people can be hypnotized and he performs a couple of simple tests on potential subjects to make certain they will be able to attain a “waking-sleep” trance state where they are then vulnerable to all manner of,  mostly silly,  suggestions.

Even for those who have watched a hypnotist routine on TV, a live show has advantages that go beyond seeing your friends and neighbors behaving foolishly. “The audience rapport in a live show like this comes from identification with the subjects, and you just don’t get that in a televised performance. At the same time, too, I think seeing something like this happening right in front of your eyes helps lend credibility to hypnotherapy, which has always been seen as a fringe practice.”